Cannot install any firmware on tl-wr703n

I know that this device is a 4/32 and is no longer supported, but I only want to use it behind another router, and serve as testing ground for OpenWrt for me.

The router has the original firmware in Chinese. When I upload the new firmware, the page goes blank, and seems that freezes the rest of the web interface, until i restart the device.

I've tried to install many OpenWrt version, some dd-wrt, original firmware, but nothing works

I though that was the specific version (even though it's below 1.7). But this guy here,6659,7512#msg-7512 seems that could install it in the same build firmware as mine

information that show on webUI: 3.12.11 Build 120228 Rel.43313n
on bottom says 1.6

After confirming the upload

Now nothings loads. And when reset it goes like nothing happened

Does anyone have any clues on how I can resolve this?

Flashing instructions are here:

That would be an understatement. Based on the device info page, the latest version available for your device is 17.01. This is extremely old and has been EOL and unsupported for many years. It is not safe to use because of the many known security vulnerabilities that have been discovered in the past ~September 2018 (when the final maintenance release for the 17.01 series -- 17.01.6 -- was released.

Even still, it is not safe -- there are vulnerabilities such as wifi KRACK that are not patched, as well as many others.

And it won't be all that useful for you from a "testing ground" perspective. Your device won't have much (if any) additional storage space to install any packages, and even the configuration syntax has changed very significantly in the past 7 years. Therefore, there is little-to-no educational value in an old version like this, too.

Instead, please consider getting some newer hardware -- used market is totally fine here.... spend $10-$25 USD and you'll be quite happy in terms of a platform to learn on. Just make sure you research supported devices before buying, and get a device with a minimum of 8MB flash/64MB RAM (ideally 16/128 as support for less will be dropped with the next major revision).

Alternatively, you can spin up a VM on your computer if you want to start learning for free.

Likely you need to install latest from TP-link (15XXXX) before trying dd-wrt. Note that ddwrt micro is so compact that it basically has only wifi ap behind nat xor dump antenna. While at it try to save $50 or so for decent router for another 10 years.

Thanks for the suggestion @brada4, but i didn't find any newer firmware version (the Chinese sites don't help). And the security concerns that @psherman said scared me enough, so I will search for another router in my makerspace that is newer, and/or buy one to experiment better. Thank you both for your help!

It is China-only device, you can run chrome with instant translation to get to firmware insrallation, check ddwrt, hw can work as dumb ap quite fine.