Cannot get OpenWrt working properly on Archer C6 v3

Hello. I'm trying to use an Archer C6 v3 as a Dumb AP on my network, connected to a load balancing router (ER605). However, I cannot for the life of me get it to cooperate.

I have it connected via the WAN port to the load balancer, and a LAN port to my laptop. Another machine (PC) is connected via LAN to the load balancer.

What works:

  1. Changing the IP on the device itself (from the standard to I have provided a static lease for this IP to the router on the ER605 so nothing else should grab it, and nothing does.

  2. Changing the DNS on the Dumb AP to to get internet access. Changing it to the load balancer ( breaks internet access. Changing the DNS to Quad9/Google only gets internet access and not local access.

What doesn't work:

  1. Any sort of local network access. I cannot access the load balancer's webui from my laptop, I cannot access the dumb AP's webui (or ssh into it, or even ping it) from my PC. The lease is there on the load balancer and it shows that it is connected, and arp -a even shows that is present but all pings time out.

  2. Changing the gateway manually according to the Dumb AP guide: As it is, OpenWRT is able to get the Gateway (WAN) details on its own, however if I set it manually the router will become unresponsive and refuse all connections until I unplug the WAN port cable to the load balancer. I can regain access once that is done and remove the gateway.

I have no idea what is even going on, and would appreciate the help.

This means it is not running as a dumb AP. You should be connecting LAN-LAN, not LAN-WAN.

Did you follow the dumb AP tutorial?

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I... did. And I somehow missed that crucial word to connect LAN-to-LAN. I think the "common sense" part (to connect LAN-WAN) of my brain took over there. Yes, that did indeed fix my problem. I should have come to the forums before pulling my hair over this for the whole day.

Thank you for the help.

Glad it's working now! And that's what the forum is here for :slight_smile:

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