Cannot get MiniDLNA to listen on two interfaces

Has anyone succeeded in getting MiniDLNA to listen across two interfaces? I have a home network, and a guest network that I'm trying to deploy minidlna across. I can get it working on the home network, but my devices on the guest network cannot see the existance of the server in any form. I tried adding a firewall rule to open port 8200 specifically on the guest network, but it's still not working. Any ideas would be appreciated.

So just remove this line from the config then?

option interface 'br-guestnet,br-lan'

The correct syntax assumes space separated values, not comma separated.
If it does not help, then you need to fix the init-script which requires non-empty option value.

Based on the feedback I'm getting here, this might be beyond me to get working. If I simply remove the "option interface" line from /etc/config/minidlna, the service will not start. If I remove the comma via terminal that LUCI puts in /etc/config/minidlna, the service will not start. It sure seems like something in /etc/init.d/minidlna is messed up. The Ubuntu documentation for minidlna suggests that removing " network_interface" from the config file. The same "network_interface" shows up in /tmp/minidlna, which I think is created by the init script. Based on that and what @vgaetera is saying, the init script is jacked. I'll muck around, but I'm doubtful I can do much.