Cannot find kmod-ipv6 in make menuconfig

Hi all!

I cannot find kmod-ipv6 package in make menuconfig, do you know where I can find it? I want to deselect it.

According to researches, he should be there : Kernel modules ---> Network Support ---> kmod-ipv6

But nothing... I try many things without success.

Do you have ideas?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

press "/" without quotes to search while in make menuconfig

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Thanks, seems not available!

There is no selectable kmod-ipv6 since September 2015.;a=commitdiff;h=0c8f0186d58468024db96a5ab0ca36a4d400d408

It is built-in and hidden. But I am not sure if it is still possible to somehow fully disable it.

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From make menuconfig, I use "Global build settings" -> "Enable IPv6 support in packages" myself. According to the built-in help, this enables / disables the IPv6 support in kernel and packages.

In make kernel_menuconfig there's also "Networking support" -> "Networking options" -> "The IPv6 protocol".

My current understanding is that the first option configures IPv6 support as a "toggle once, configure everywhere" -option; it both enables IPv6 support in the kernel (probably as a loadable module) and causes other package configuration menus to make IPv6-related configs/options available.

The latter option is what actually configures the IPv6 support in the kernel, and can also either cause built-in support or loadable module support. Since the kernel-related configuration files are under source control, I can understand why the IPv6 option is found from the "normal" menuconfig instead: it allows toggling IPv6 on and off without causing changes to files under source control.

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Thanks @hnyman and @Antek, do you know the size of the kmod-ipv6 package? It's to build LEDE firmware image with ROOter for 4 MB devices : LEDE Image Builder + ROOter packages? :slight_smile:

@vectra50470: Sorry, I have no idea about that.