Cannot find Install instructions referenced for WNR2000v2

Hello Everyone!

First time posting here. Hope to make good use out of OpenWRT like I do with DD-WRT.
So, I was able to install OpenWRT on past routers before but still very much a total beginner. (More experience with DD-WRT).

I'm looking to flash OpenWRT (at least up to the latest recommended version before I run into issues due to the low amount of flash/RAM size) on my ancient WN2000RPT just to get a little more life out of it if possible.

I was able to find some useful information about updating WNR2000 routers and how to possibly update WN2000RPT ( and the info suggests that for WN2000RPTv1, I should treat it as if it is a WNR2000v2 model and to follow the install instructions for that.

Unfortunately, I am unable to find these install instructions for WNR2000v2. It doesn't look too complicated as I see that I may need to do the TFTP method (though not sure if I need to run a TFTP server on my computer or if I will be using a TFTP client on my computer to connect to the network device). There is also the possible JTAG method but I prefer not to go that route though I have done a bit of work in that before for DD-WRT. I'm not sure what is the proper install instructions however for this model. Do you guys know if maybe I'm just looking in the wrong spot?

Thanks in advance!