Cannot Enter Failsafe - C7 Archer

I flashed my C7 AC1750 router with the GCC 6.3 Build. I changed the LAN settings to unmanaged thinking that it work now act like a switch on the LAN ports for the Wireless so it wouldnt get a private IP address and now I'm having problems connecting to the router.

I have the WAN port setup as a static ip that was assigned to me, and I can ping it, but I cannot access the Luci GUI. I tried using the failsafe but it is not recognizing my inputs of the physical button to initiate it. (I plugged into the first LAN jack and set computer's ip to

I'm at a complete loss and not sure what to do, any help would be appreciated.

Looks like I made more progress this past 1/2 hr than I did for the two hours before that.
I was able to access the LuCI GUI while as it was booting up and quickly had to navigate to reset to default settings. (Got the could not connect to page the first time I after the entire bootup sequence was completed)

It is possible that you miss kmod-gpio-button-hotplug package

I can't seem to manually install the kmod-gpio-button-hotplug package, getting Cannot Satisfy Dependencies.

This community build are snapshot based?
If so it is quite normal that the day after you can get some unmet dependencies due to kernel minor version bump
You need to sysupgrade to the latest snapshot and then reinstall again all the packages