Cannot connect with Intel Wireless AC 9560 to TP-Link WDR4300

Just installed a 18.06-SNAPSHOT image, ran firstboot, installed sqm & upnp, set up WPA2-PSK with AES (and a password).

I can connect with my iPhone SE. But can't connect with my HP 450 G6 (which has the Intel 9560 card). It does see the 2.4 & 5GHz networks, but Windows 10 doesn't finish connecting.

Somebody know how to debug this?

Before investigating significant amount of time on it, it might help to check a master (or 19.07) snapshot first, as those come with updated wireless drivers (ath9k/ 4.19) and current wpad 2.8.

I general there really is no reason why it shouldn't work though.

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Strictly speaking I don't need it working, I basically only use it as a cake traffic shaper. If I could just buy a 2 port device that does that silently out of the box and gets updates, I would buy that. Use Apple Airports for WiFi.

But if there is some advisory on debugging this, that would be nice for a bugreport.

I have been using that device since version 15, and have had any issue connecting any device... Open a shell, execute "logread -f", and then try to connect.

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