Cannot connect to Router page after upgrading firmware

Dear all, please help with my issue. Thank you very much

Thanks for your help

Your computer does not have an IP address... that means it won't be able to connect to anything.

Check your physical connection between your computer's ethernet port and the lan port of your C6 (when it is working, the address will be and you'll have an address in the 192.168.1.x range).

Are any of the LEDs lit up?

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"Upgrade", were you already running Openwrt ?

In that the case, you used the wrong image.

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@psherman: Thanks for your quick response. 2 lights are up: the power and the internet light

@frollic: I finished the Openwrt without any error messages. After that, the WiFi is disabled (before upgrading, it is enables). That's why I want to connect via ethernet to enable the WiFi but cannot access the router page.

That doesn't answer the question.

This is the default.

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During boot-up, the power light should blink fast then blink slow then stay on. If it only comes on once and maybe blinks a few times, the unit is bricked by installing the factory firmware when you should have used sysupgrade.

Just FYI

  • If you didn't keep settings while flashing, WiFI is off by default
  • OpenWrt's default LAN IP is

This question appears to still be unanswered...
was the device running OpenWrt or the vendor firmware when before you installed the file you linked in the first post?


Yes, the device is running openWRT. I figured out my mistake when connecting the cable to the wrong port, it should be the LAN port on the AP. Now I can connect to the router page.
Thank you all for your help.

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Glad you found a solution. So it was this:

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