Cannot connect to Openwrt after reboot

Hi all, I just rebooted my router and since then I'm unable to connect to the router. I cannot via WiFi an also not via LAN cable. All WiFi networks are shown, but I cannot connect. Furthermore, SSH is also not working. Is there anything I can try?

This is a forum for OpenWRT. Is your router running OpenWRT?

On the assumption that it is running OpenWRT, here are some follow-on questions.

  • Did you make any configuration changes to the router before rebooting?
  • If so, are you able to recall what those changes are?

Things you might want to try:

  • Connect your computer directly to the router's LAN port with an Ethernet cable
  • Check to see if the computer's NIC picks up any IP address configuration via DHCP
  • Check to see if the computer's NIC is configured for DHCP or with a static IP address
  • Use a tool like tcpdump or Wireshark to sniff the traffic on the Ethernet cable, to see if there are any packets which might indicate what IP address the router currently has
  • While running tcpdump or Wireshark, reboot the router; sniff the traffic all the way from power-on to sitting there apparently doing nothing
  • If all else fails, a factory-reset of your router (assuming it is running OpenWRT) ought to restore connectivity on, with a DHCP server giving your computer an IP address in the range.
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Of course, this is the Openwrt forum;


Edit: I just remembered that I activated the guest wifi, which was already configured but inactive.

As written in my initial post, I already did that without luck

Hmm. Good idea. I noticed that when trying to connect via WiFi the device tries to receive the IP. This doesn't work and no connection can be established.

Wow. I need to do a bit of research on how to exactly do that. But thanks for the hint.

Ahh. When configuring a static IP on my end device, I can connect to Openwrt again. However, I still don't know how to find and fix the error. Seems to be something with DHCP

F*** fixed it. Somehow the Netmask wasn't configured for the guest wifi, resulting in a completely messed up DHCP for all interfaces.

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Congratulations on finding and fixing the cause of the problem.

Ain't troubleshooting fun?

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