Cannot connect to LuCi after upgrading

Hi. I just performed a sysupgrade to version 22.03 and wanted to start fresh, so I kept no configuration files etc. Once I flashed the firmware, I was disconnected from the network which makes sense since the existing network was wiped. Now I'm not quite sure how to reconnect to the router and configure it from scratch.

Is there a default wifi network I can connect to so I can then go to etc?

Thank you!

With your browser, access LuCI via

Oh yea, tried that and it didn't work. I just had a typo in my original post. Sorry.

Right now I'm connected to my ATT router. I had that in passthrough mode before. I can see my Archer C7 with OpenWRT in the device list, but only the ethernet connection.

Wireless is disabled by default. User need to enable it manually after firmware installation.

EDIT: Connect to router using a network cable.

Oh, well that's not ideal. How can I fix this? I have some raspberry pis laying around. I can connect one to a LAN port on the back of my router. How would I figure out what address to ssh to? And how do people usually do this if wifi is off by default?

They use an ethernet cable.

Got it working. Thank you for the help!

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