Cannot bypass captive portal with travelmate

hello im using travel mate on OpenWRT 23.05.0 of model TP-Link RE650 v2

I'm using it as a client and to bypass a captive portal of the wifi i connect to for internet to the LAN. The captive portal only requires to accept the terms.

By default settings travelmate doesn't seems to bypass it. Captive Portal Detection is ticked.

What settings do i need to configure for the bypass to work if possible?

screenshot of the captive portal is attached. (the purple button enable the internet). its seems to be captive portal of Meraki routers.

This sanitized url of the portal

Thank you1!!!

You have to write a login script for the provider, obviously picture and messed up URL is of no use whatsoever.

It is not possible to bypass a captive portal (unless it is a broken captive portal!!!).

For some captive portals it is possible to write a script to effectively "click the continue button" for you. Travelmate can be configured to run this script for you.
But even that is blocked on more up to date CPs.

It looks like the url you provided has encrypted or hashed tokens which will most likely be different every time you connect, so I suspect you are out of luck.

You will find though, that the first of your devices going through travelmate, will authenticate on behalf of all your other devices. If you log in on your laptop, your phone will automatically have access without having to log in itself.

i see thank you.

Well as i said, its seems to be a meraki router of cisco's captive portal.

the script to "click the continue button" for me, what it would look like?

P.S. - firefox by itself does detect the portal and in a prompt directs me to the portal. So maybe the encrypted or hashed tokens in url are not relevant?

Will not magically work without YOU writing the clicker script (porting from firefox for example). It is not like every router comes with hidden x86 laptop inside to run selenium and click on all buttons in a row.

OK. So what the "clicker" script would look like and how do i implement it please?

Like multiple "login" files in git repo.
Dont expect anyone to have 10-50k bucks worth of wifi controler at home. You are here only one in a place to do it - go to browser developer toold / network and check if you can repeat logic or clicking button with wget.

If you read what I said, you would know that most likely you are out of luck and it cannot be done. The url looks, very likely, that it has hashed and/or encrypted tokens in it.

Simply put, every time travelmate connected, the hashed tokens would be different. So you would need a different script every time.

For it to work, instead of a script, you would have to do something like @brada4 suggested, eg: