Cannot add a custom Profile when using ImageBuilder in mvebu target

I'm migrating my routers from OpenWRT CC to LEDE.

I've successfully used the mvebu's buildroot selecting all needed packages and now I'm working with the ImageBuilder.

In OpenWrt I'd managed to create a new profile with all my selected packages and external files, but when I try to do it with LEDE I don't see my profile in "make info" output.

I've followed instruction from

I've also removed tmp folder, etc

That is my profile's initial file, the final one has a lot more packages


define Profile/custom-1200ac
  PACKAGES:=-dropbear -dnsmasq
  PACKAGES+=kmod-mwlwifi wpad-mini swconfig dnsmasq-full openssh-client openssh-client-utils openssh-keygen openssh-moduli openssh-server

define Profile/custom-1200ac/Description
  test test test

$(eval $(call Profile,custom-1200ac))

I've managed to workaround the issue by adding my PACKAGES:= and FILES:= in target/linux/mvebu/Makefile, but I want to solve it using the correct way.

Anyone has the same issue?


I found that I had to manually update .targetinfo

Would someone be able to confirm that a manual edit of .targetinfo is the proper approach so that I can update the wiki?

I was wondering if there was a "breakfast new-target-name" command somewhere that wasn't documented. Seems strange that the same information needs to be maintained, potentially in sync, in two different places.

A touch target/linux/mvebu/Makefile is likely enough to force re-scanning the metadata. Sometimes there's issues with the make dependency tracking of certain *.mk files, might be faulty glob pattern in include/ or similar...

TL;DR -- Is include/ where .targetinfo is expected to be created?

Edit: A deleted .targetinfo is not regenerated by make image

Hmmm, will try poking some other things, but right now I'm not finding that even

openwrt-imagebuilder-ar71xx-generic.Linux-x86_64$ find . -name '*.mk' -o -name Makefile -exec touch {} \;

helps. (Fresh extract, profile file added, then everything touch-ed)

Looks like the top-level Makefile has .targetinfo as a prereq for the target.

make -p gives me

# Not a target:
#  Implicit rule search has been done.
#  Last modified 2018-03-11 17:14:53
#  File has been updated.
#  Successfully updated.

Looks like prepare-tmpinfo: FORCE in include/ might do it, though make prepare-tmpinfo doesn't do it.