Cannot access web/ssh of router via wwan IP

I have a TPLINK running latest LEDE version 17.01.2.

[Master Router] <-wireless->My laptop
     ^                          ^
     |                          |
   wireless                   cable
     |                          |
[TPLink] <----------------------|

The reason for this is that I want to setup a back up way to access the TPLink via wireless in case the cable somehow become messed up while I'm doing various experiment with TPLink ethernet.

The master router is at
My laptop is at on wireless interface (to Master Router) and on ethernet interface (to the TPLInk)
The TpLink is at on wireless interface and on the lan interface.

Now if from the laptop I try to access the router web or SSH via LAN interface it's perfectly ok. But if I try to access via the wireless ( then I'm getting error: "Connection refused".

Here is my list of interfaces on the TPLINK: (I did attempted to override the wireless MAC with a random new one)

What could be the reason that I can't access either the TPLInk LEDE web nor SSH via its wireless interface IP?

I think it's a firewall problem.
Can you give me your firewall settings?

You have to accept input.

If the wireless connection from the TPLink to the Master router is configured in the WAN zone, then the firewall will block all "external" incoming connections. You have to open the firewall to allow access to port 80 from the WWAN interface.