Cannot access server when I connect OpenWrt

I am webmaster, I have VPS with IP like that:
I want to connect my VPS (remote server), if I use my Openwrt wifi then I can't access my VPS. If i change to normal wifi (other router) then It work.
As I know so I have to change something in my Openwrt, but i don't know how to change and what should change.
Please help me.
Thanks All.

For you own privacy, change the ip in your post to 209.x.x.x or similar.

What protocol....? This works from wired LAN client?

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Could you explain a bit better what is the current connectivity of the devices? Maybe use a diagram to show it more clearly? Your description doesn't make too much sense.

@trendy : I can't connect my remote VPS with IP like that when my laptop connect via Openwrt wifi.

I still don't understand.
Could you make a diagram?

Is this your wifi or the wifi from someone else?

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Maybe, you should post your config and a diagramm of your network.