Cannot access my Extender via Ethernet Cable

Hello! I am new user these forums, also new by OpenWRT (basic programming/networking knowledge) and I would like to get some help here - actually 2 questions, would appreciate Your help much:

I have TL-WA850RE, I flashed it with OpenWRT - Luci from this website because I wanted to use my Extender as a repeater for WPA2 Enterprise-based network I have at home and have normally access to. I flashed the WA850RE through wifi (although not recommended), access to Luci is working fine through wifi except more complex commands (then the Extender freezes and needs to be restarted to default settings! That is why I need and want to connect through the LAN cable to the TP-Link Extender, i guess then it will not freeze anymore, am I right? The Browser just does not connect to Luci with wifi turned off, Browser says cannot reach connection - in network settings it says unidentified connection.

On Youtube I found this video with what I exactly needed to repeat the signal to my whole flat, I tried to follow all the steps that are there, almost all of them worked - upload of wpad supplicant by winscp, ssh through putty, but when i try to get back in Luci to set and join the wifi connection to the Network I need in webUI, and click "Save changes & Apply" the device freezes...I think it is a more complex command (13 new changes at once) that is why I think it does not come to operational state anymore and needs to be reset.

Just to add, I have an older Windows Laptop through which I can access the Extender via Luci or other ways only through wifi, i cannot access the Extender via Ethernet cable plugged in to the device; i also tried creating mobile hotspot (mHotspot/Connectify) and share this network - I guess it has an older wifi device - Qualcomm Atheros (i will add exactp type right away) ;
i also have a Macbook Pro, with Bootcamp Windows 10 installed, where I am able to create mobile hotspot from the WPA2 Enterprise network and share it for all my devices in my flat without problems...but my macbook does not have ethernet port

So, just to recap, i have two questions

  1. how can I connect to my Extender through lan cable?
  2. will it even stop freezing if I use the connection to Luci through ethernet port so i can set up the repeater?
    Thank You very very much for Your help!

Any installation should start with reading the OpenWrt wiki page for the model in question:

Considering it's a 4/32 memory size, it's going to be difficult to make that hardware do what you want. Especially for a beginner, it will be much easier with better-supported hardware.

You are looking at a custom image using Image Builder or build from source to get something with the full wpad needed for Enterprise authentication and still fits in 4M flash. Swapping or "removing" a package at runtime does not free up the flash space used by the original version that is included in the initial install.

The third party build you have seems to be an ancient version. It is not clear what the initial configuration is going to be. If you use an official build (from on a device with one Ethernet port, that port will be attached to the LAN network and you can always log in through the Ethernet port (indeed, you have to, since wifi will be initially turned off)-- unless you change it.

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