Cannot access modem UI via OpenWrt

In a previous setup of OpenWrt, I was able to access my Draytek modem's web UI via the browser.

I used this guide to get it working however, it doesn't seem to be working now.

This might sound like a really obvious question, but how do I know what the IP address of my modem is when it is plugged into my router? I suspect I am following this guide with the wrong IP addresses which is why I can't access the Draytek UI.

Restart the modem and check on the router:

ip neighbour show dev $(uci get network.wan.ifname)

It's probably something in the, so you can also broadcast-ping/scan it with nmap.

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if your modem provides 192.168. IPs on the LAN side, you shouldn't have to set you openwrt router in router mode, but as an AP.

I did that and this is the output I got (addresses partially redacted):

root@OpenWrt:~# ip neighbour show dev $(uci get network.wan.ifname)
fe80::$$$$:$$$$:$$$$:$$$$ lladdr 00:1d:aa:AA:BB:CC router STALE
fe80::$$$$:$$$$:$$$$:$$$$ lladdr 00:d0:f6:XX:YY:ZZ router REACHABLE

As far as I can tell, nothing here shows the IP for my modem. I was thinking it was one of the IPv6 addresses above but I think fe80:: addresses are public IPs.

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