Cannot Access Luci interface on Dell optiplex 3080 micro

Hi im newbie to openwrt, I just installed openwrt via usb eifi bootable drive to my dell optiplex 3080 micro as a server running on ubunto os (pisofi software) for paid internet connection. My setup is VLAN connection, from ISP to switch which is TL-SG108e to dell optiplex 3080 micro as server. I Cannot access luci interface, I found out that the default ip address of openwrt is same as the ip address of my isp which is, I already tried to change vice versa so that it will not be conflicting but unfortunately I still cannot access luci . Can anyone help me on this. I badly needed the sqm script offered by openwrt. Thank you

if you've installed openwrt, you're not running ubunto anymore, or did you boot off a flash drive ?

what openwrt image was used during install ?

isolate the 3080 and a client, connect to it using an ethernet cable.

does your 3080 have more than one ethernet port ? if it does, did you try all of them?

i installed the version which is 23.05 the latest, there is only 1 lanport may connection is vlan

Does it mean that if I installed the openwrt in my dell optiplex all of its file including its software for managing routing of internet will be erased and replaced by openwrt files?

depends on how you install(ed) it ...

it's possible for openwrt to coexist with another OS, but then you can't just write the combined image to your drive.

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This is the reason you wish to install OpenWrt, correct?

You understand OpenWrt is a router OS, correct?

After I installed the open wrt using usb bootable drive, I remove it from the usb port then reboot may dell optiplex and the normal ubuntu software run just fine

yes, it will ...

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You didn't install OpenWrt on the OptiPlex - you booted the Dell from the USB stick. You then subsequently proceeded to shut it down and removed the USB.

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what @lleachii said, and this contradicts

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No i just wanted for openwrt to coexist with my installed ubunto software which is managing the flow of internet to my client. I just wanted for openwrt to manage my buffer bloat thru its sqm protocol.

The two OSes cannot run simultaneously. You either:

  • boot Ubuntu; or
  • boot OpenWrt

You could attempt to install OpenWrt as a Virtual Machine (you would be responsible for configuration of the Hypervisor and the host network interfaces - just note, a lot of new users find that task difficult). In any case, you already have the Ubuntu Server configured as a router, I'm not sure if your desire is feasible.

So what is the proper procedure sir?I will not remove the usb after installing openwrt on usb bootable drive then reboot and run the normal ubuntu software and openwrt?

I'm not sure you understand the concept - which is why you're having an issue:

I offered an optional solution:

Are you familiar with creating Virtual routers?

So if ubuntu software and openwrt are not possible to run simultaneously. Do you think I should install openwrt instead in my access point like the TP Link eap225 and do the work for sqm

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I dont have idea about virtualization sir. I might study it first.

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You haven't provided information on your ISP's speed.

I'm not familiar with the TP Link eap225. Nonetheless - yes, I would advise installing OpenWrt on normal compatible hardware.

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So I think that's the end of my imagination for openwrt to run together with my ubuntu software. My real plan is my ubuntu software will be the one to manage the flow of internet and will be the one to designate ip and mac address, while the openwrt is for managing sqm plus I wish combined it with adguardhome for ads blocking so that my client will have a smooth surfing and gaming with no lag and no ads interference.

My isp speed is 200mbps both dl and ul.

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  • Thank you for the ISP info, but again - I'm not familiar with your router hardware, perhaps someone else can provide insight regarding the TP Link eap225

It seems like decent hardware capable of 200 Mbps!


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