Cannot access luci after setting router as dumb AP

Hi everyone!

I have my main router: tp-link TL-WR940N (with proprietary fw, simply because it has a small amount of flash/ram) in my living room .
I also own a second router Asus RT-AC51U that now has open wrt 19.07 and a pair of PLCs.

I would like to connect the Asus router to the tp-link using the Powerlines and place it in my bedroom to have decent wifi in that part of the house.

As far as I understand I could connect the Asus router to create its own sub-network or set it up as a dumb AP.

I've tried to follow the guide on how to setup a dumb AP

There is a little problem, I'm not able to connect to the web interface ( after I apply the changes (step 8).

however when I connect the new dump AP to the main router I have access to internet (using the cable)
I can even access the configuration of the main router (and see in the dhcp section both my computer and the dumb AP)

Do you have any idea on the reason why can't I access the UI of the dumbAP anymore?
thanks for you help

Have you set IP manually on your device?

Not sure what you mean.. I've configured the IPv4 address of the lan interface of the asus router to as per instructions and set the DNS and gateway to (tplink router):

Enter an IP address “next to” your main router on the field “IPv4 address”. (If your main router has IP, enter Set DNS and gateway to point into your main router to enable internet access for the dumb AP itself

I've also configured the dhcp of the tplink router (the main one) to assing to the mac address of the asus router.

I haven't done any manual ip configuration on my computer.

Connect the dumb AP to the main network using one of the LAN ports. A dumb AP only has one active network, the LAN. The WAN network will be abandoned, thus the WAN port will not work, though you could later re-configure it to work like an additional LAN port.

yes, that's actually exactly what I've done.
I've connected the main router to the dumb AP using lan ports on both sides.

what works is:
A computer connected via eth to the dumb AP can reach the internet.

what does not work is:
that I'm not able anymore to access the configuration interface of the dump AP (and I cannot configure the wifi interface.)

I'm finally able to reach the dumb AP.
The only thing I've done was to turn it off and on again (in IT CROWD fashion)
I suspect that it was necessary in order to stop the services disabled in the step 6 of the guide

In the top menu go to System → Startup, and disable firewall, dnsmasq and odhcpd in the list of startup scripts.

Which version of the WR940N do you have?

If it's V1 or V2 then if I were you I would want to make AC51U the main router and use the WR940N as the AP.

If the WR940N is a newer version then I would do some tests to decide.

I've the v6.0

OK, so it had recent software update, that's good, and the CPU is better then the ASUS.

On the other hand, the ASUS has more RAM and storage.

So it's up to you, and also depends on whether you will need to run some services on OpenWrt or not, and if they need to be run on the router or can be run on the switch/AP (the secondary device).

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