"Canadian" EA8500 firmware downgrade question

Looks like I can purchase a brand new EA8500 from Staples in Canada. Reading the install instructions:

"If your router is running firmware and newer, it will refuse the openwrt-*-factory.bin file during the update. Fortunately for non-US versions, it is possible to downgrade to using the official linksys .img and the “Router Firmware Update → Manual Update” process. Flash a second time, reboot, verify has been installed, then you can update using the openwrt--factory.bin file"

Although Canada is clearly not the US, often US versions of items are sold in Canada. Can anyone confirm that EA8500 sold in Canada can be downgraded via the Linksys interface?

US and canada both use the same regulatory basis, so yes - any router from canada will be the same as what was solid in the us.

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Not quite correct, there are differences between the two, but frequently ignored ; there is a reason devices get branded CA and US.

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I figured as much but really appreciate the quick reply and confirmation.

In many cases, CA branded devices are even more locked down that their US counterparts - you'd have to try, but chances aren't that great.

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