Can You Use a Proxy Server To Encrypt Data on Insecure Connections?


I was wondering if it's possible to setup a secure proxy server on OpenWrt that can be used to secure/encrypt connections, for example on open, insecure APs from a phone or laptop etc?

If so, how easy is it to setup and what proxy package is the best all round performance and functionality? My router is WRT1900ACS so RAM shouldn't be an issue.

I almost have a working OpenVPN server, but for the sake of clients being able to connect securely away from home through my router with ease, proxy settings are easy to configure from almost any client device hence why I'm looking at additional methods.

Many thanks in advance.


Setting up a "proxy server" would generally only cover the now-rare, unencrypted HTTP connection.

WireGuard would be my recommendation for ease of use, support with Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android clients, and reasonable performance.


I shall certainly have a look at it. Thanks.

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