Can you recommend me a router?

I am interested in a simple (cheap) efficient router, with 1 Gb ethernet ports and one Wan port

The old wireless 2.4 Ghz

That is well supported in openwrt

Can you think of any?

thank you

Would this router be a good choice?
TP-Link Archer C6 - AC1200

(no, not a good choice in my opinion)

In what country's market are you buying? (prices/availability vary greatly)

What is your ISP bandwidth?

What is "cheap" to you?

Without those answers, my personal opinion would be a GL.iNet AR-300M at ~US$40

  • Qualcomm/Atheros MIPS-based processor
  • 128 MB NAND flash (supported by OEM firmware and OpenWrt PR awaiting approval)
  • 16 MB NOR flash
  • 128 MB RAM
  • Two Ethernet ports
  • Excellent OpenWrt support, including OEM firmware
  • Careful electrical and mechanical design, with quality execution

The GL-AR300 does not meet the OP's spec of GbE. If you have GbE ports you're likely going to want more than a single core MIPS CPU behind them. The MT7621 is a decent chip for what I'd consider low-midrange performance. Consider the Netgear R6220 / R6230. Outside the US there is the R6350, although its 5 GHz chip is the MT7615 which is not as well supported as the MT7612.

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Gigabit throughput capabilities and "cheap" routers are somewhat inconsistent. At least in my experience, as mk24 points out, single-core, MIPS-based SoCs can't handle more than somewhere around 500 Mbps through the SoC interfaces (significantly less if you're running SQM or the like).

Once in the US$75 price range, I would also consider the quad-core ARM, IPQ4018-based Linksys EA6350(v3), which has recently available through Amazon US at US$75. It has been available through Amazon UK for £34 in the last month.


There are much cheaper MT7621 devices than that, especially directly from China.

One gigabit WAN port for internet access and four gigabit LAN ports is standard, but some routers have up to eight LAN ports for wired devices. ... USB 3.0 ports are the most popular and can transfer data at up to 640 megabytes per second (MBps), but some cheaper routers still have USB 2.0 which performs at up to 60MBps.
Samsung Connect Home may be appropriate.Others are a little expensive but of a high performance.
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