Can you port mirror on OpenWrt with use with an IDS?

My goal is to port mirror a single port for inspecting the traffic on my network with a RasPi for Suricata. Would this package work?:

Or are routers not capable of being switches? AFAIK, SoHo routers nowadays are a mixture of APs, Routers and switches

I'm basically trying to follow this guide, just that I have a router instead of an router and a switch:

Also, are there any bugs related with this package?

On a router with a 5-port switch, mirroring is an option in the switch menu.

I'm not sure how you plan to implement IDS, though.


My router has 4 LAN Ports and 1 WAN Port, would it work? I see the very same options.

Another question: would it be still possible to use Pi-Hole when the port is mirrored or is that like impossible and I need another RasPi or similar?


If you are port mirroring, you are copying another port. So no, the port cannot be used for actual traffic when it's being used to mirror.