Can you help me choose the best router for gaming?

Hello everyone, I am an avid FPS player, and I just discovered OpenWRT very recently and I am not an expert.
My current router does not support OpenWRT and I would like to buy the best router for competitive gaming.
I have a Fiber connection with 2.5giga download and 500in upload.
Would you help me choose? cost is not an issue.

you have 2.5gbit in, is the rest of your LAN 2.5gbit capable ?

yes, my lan work so good

you're not answering the question.

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Yes, my pc is a rocket. Ethernet cat8 cables and all other devices work perfectly for 2.5giga. same thing for my network card.

there's a bunch of suggestions in Intel x86 n100/n200/n300 mini device recommendations

in your opinion, is this compatible with openWRT? is this a good choice to make it router and have gaming benifits?

it's compatible and seriously overkill.

your 2.5gbit won't get any faster if you buy a $750 box, instead of one at $250.

Thank you very much, I am not an expert so I struggle to find something useful and not excessive.

what mini pc could i buy with openWRT and 2.5giga compatibility?
I have seen a lot of products, but I get lost.
I am looking for it competitive for gaming.

did you try any of the links in the other thread ?

yes, you've told us once already.

yes, but I have found some that do not have the 2.5giga port.
do you know of anything to recommend?

yes, but I'm not doing the legwork for you ...

man, i'm not an expert and and 3 days i'm on all the forums informing and asking... i'm asking you for a tip, because as you see i had already gone overboard with expenses... maybe i'm not sympathetic to you, but more than being kind and helpful i wouldn't know what to do..

Just about any router with an x86 processor made in the last 10 years will do this job just fine.

Take a look at videos on YouTube showing the network hardware people actually use for LAN parties. Hint: they don't use "gaming routers" or anything branded as such.

Have you tried searching for "mini pc 2.5G" or something like that? This is what @frollic meant by doing some legwork on your part. This should be easy to find since 2.5G is rather common nowadays.

And even if can't for some reason, they all have PCIe slots (M.2 or otherwise) so you can always add a 2.5G NIC after the fact.

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thank you very much for the kind response, unlike some people.
I did a lot of research and found several "mini pc", but I saw that many have faster cpu and others slower... does this result in difference in performance?
I would only use it as a router, but I don't know if the fact that it has ddr4 or 5 changes anything, or if it is AMD or INTEL.

I've been doing the dirty work since 3 days, and I've watched a lot of videos, thank you very much again for your reply.
There are so many mini pc, I don't know which one to choose....

regarding mini pcs, any recent model supports openwrt, so I don't have to look for it in the harsware list right? because I only ever found routers there.

do you have a link for the procedure i should follow to install openwrt on a mini pc? thank you very much

That took DDG and 'OpenWrt x86' in the search field.
Others have told you that you need to put in some effort and I just used the least amount of effort to answer.

Thank you so much

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there's a bunch of dual 2.5GbE PCs in the N100-N200-N300 thread, OP just need to read the item descriptions.