Can we have one "general" thread for each router?

I want to ask something about the router wrt3200ac but its not that important to justify making a new thread. Should I bump an old one with a completely unrelated title?
Can mods rename the thread with the most replies no matter what was the OP?

That would be fine.

Don't be shy and just create a new topic. That's better than burying your question in an unrelated thread.

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Go to ToH:

Each device can have its own forum thread.

Example: the ALIX 2D13 does not have a forum thread:

Create a thread on the forum:

Now link it in ToH. You only need to modify 'LEDE Forum Topic URL_url':

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I looked at wrt3200ac in ToH:

Just create a support thread in User section and link it back to ToH.

Yes, there is a field in the dataentries for forum threads. Back in OpenWrt time this field has been added to accomodate forum links that were already present at that time. In the absence of any other information like a wiki page, a forum link can be really helpful to the novice user.

However, you have to think about the usefullness of the approach to have a "general" thread per device:

  • Highly frequented threads can easily reach hundreds or thousands of postings. Answers to different questions (not only the one your are asking) are making it difficult to find the information you are searching for. Having small specific threads makes it easier to find and digest the information.
  • Questions which would better be asked in one of the forum categories are asked in the "general" thread. This drives the concept of having forum categories for easy finding answers to your questions ad absurdum. The forum search certainly finds results to your query keywords regardless of any category, however, especially for novices it can be helpful to have categories, which give the huge pile of forum threads a bit of a structure, making it easier to find what you are searching for.

I would advise against a "general" thread, and in the Linux sense "one tool - one function", I would advise for "one question - one thread", or vice versa.

If topics inside thread are related to hardware it will be fine to create a thread starting with more than one thing related to specific hardware... if you want to play and test some things and you need help and has to do just files, configuration and software there is no need to attach it to a router model thread title...

Software and Hardware topics are usually unrelated, just tied to ram usage/needs or flash storage usage/needs.

Dear tmomas,

Sorry if I answered myself, I did not even guess that it was not recommended and did not want to hurt.
You are right that long threads are difficult to read,

However, IMHO, a single thread for each device is absolutely necessary:

  • People discover LEDE: One thread per device can drive a lot of users using search engines. People entering "Product X firmware" or "Product X feature Y" are likely to discover LEDE. The forum supports long URLs, so Google will be able to like product X with feature Y. It could be a "warrior" communication.

  • People knowing LEDE: Looking for information about a product. It's easy to type "LEDE product X" and arrive on Table of Hardware. Then click on forum link. Again, the forum is not a documentation designed to be read entirely, it is designed for communities and search engines.

  • Besides, look how many people are opening new threads for a single question about their hardware. It could help them find the right thread. This will create nice long threads. Again, good for Google, which likes long threads.

Maybe you can simply create one subforum. This does not need to be organized by brand or product types. I could be some kind of bazard, but it could look nice.

Look at the mess in
Is that what you prefer? Please tell what you like in the list:

  • Router recommendation
  • Best Wifi router around $200 for LEDE
  • DIY Router Device
  • Slow bitrate TL-WR1043ND V3
  • Current support for ipq8xxx and bcm53xx devices
  • Most powerful LEDE hardware for gigabit fiber
  • DDNS Servers, Services and Security
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  • Looking for a router/NAS combo
  • Gigabit switch ( 8..24 ports)
  • Tplink Archer C5 v1 not starting (Hardware defect)

Are you really going to read this sub-forum ? No.

By the way, we can have a new sub-forum called "Table of Hardware support" and the rest can co-exist. There is no need to force people in opening or not-opening a single support thread.

I hope that you can reconsider your choice. Look at OpenWRT how efficient their forum is ... When I mean efficient, it can drive x100 more people to OpenWRT than to LEDE on the same products.

I just started an HE IPv6 tunnel (thanks LEDE) and I cannot connect to IRC, but I will connect in a few days when this ban is lifted.

Kind regards,
French Friens