Can using pbr make wireguard route only opkg?

I am a newbie to openwrt and my English is not very good. Please forgive me if anything is unclear or misleading.
I followed the tutorial I saw on reddit and set up a dedicated wifi for wireguard, but I found that opkg will not pass through wireguard.
Can I set up two wireguards, one of which uses pbr to route only opkg, and the other is assigned to a dedicated wifi to route all traffic under that wifi?

Depends on how you

Currently I'm using the configuration from, is this okay?

If you want to route everything via WireGuard (including the router itself) except for one SSID (lets call it guestwifi) then you have to do it the opposite way meaning default route via the VPN and make a dedicated routing table/rule via the WAN.

Install the PBR package to easily do this:

If you do not want this then and want to do it manually then first start with routing everything via the VPN which is the default setup (meaning allowed ips:, enable Route allowed IPs, disable No Host routes and enable Use Default Gateway)
Check if this works

Make a routing table with default routing via the WAN interface, name it table 100:
Luci : Interfaces > WAN interface > Advanced setting: Override IPv4 interface and Add custom table 100


config interface 'wan'
	option device 'wan'
	option proto 'dhcp'
	option ip4table '100'

Make routing rule adding the Guest Wifi interface to table 100
Luci: Routing > IPv4 Rules:
Incoming interface: guestwifi
Table: 100


config rule
	option in 'guestwifi'
	option lookup '100'

No, certain aspects of this guide make it completely incompatibly with a large set of pbr features.

Thanks, is this a routing only opkg configuration? How should dedicated WireGuard WiFi be configured to be compatible with this configuration?

Is there a way to modify this configuration to make it compatible? Or is there another way to set up a dedicated WireGuard WiFi?

I would install the full PBR package :
Then you are flexible in the way you want to route via the VPN