Can two WiFi networks be combined with each other?

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Can I receive and merge two WiFi networks with each other using only one external network card in order to increase the speed of the Internet?

Can you elaborate on your proposed topology? Are these wifi networks the uplink to the internet? or are they on your device to provide wifi capability to your own devices?

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Well, I will provide it for you using a pictorial structure to make it more clear

٢٠٢٣-٠١-١٥ ٢٣.١٧.٣١

This is what my brother i wants

Generally speaking, if the 3x 10Mpbs connections are independent networks that provide internet connectivity, this might be possible with load balancing in mwan3. Load balancing means that any individual connection (like a speed test) will still be 10Mbps, but the total aggregated bandwidth (i.e. multiple devices doing speed tests) will equal 30Mbps. In other words, you could theoretically have 3 devices running speed tests simultaneously and they would each see 10Mbps... but because all three are working at the same time, it means you have a total of 30Mbps available.

There are a whole bunch of factors that have to align for this to work properly, but at least 10Mbps/connection is low enough bandwidth that most modern hardware should be able to handle this with ease.

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Brother, is there a video explanation explaining how to do the operation to be clear
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I don't know of any videos covering this topic -- maybe do a search on Youtube for "mwan3 openwrt"

but there is information here, too:

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