Can the snapshot version contain monitoring code?


I wondering if the snapshoot version includes any user monitoring code? Code that sends the user's password settings and other data to the developers for further development?

If so, it is not recommended to use it, because all the data will be known. :thinking:

Wait, what?! :joy::joy::joy:

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Might I suggest you search Google for "FOSS" and "OSS" for direction.

What you have to develop with the users passwords? :grin:

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Tin foil hat mode: ON


No sane company include private data in diagnostic data... On top of that openwrt doesn't include ANY kind of service like that. The most stats we have is download numbers to get what target/packages is most used. Nothing else.

Snapshots build is just build done from master branch nothing more than that.


That's rich coming from someone with Lenovo in its nick :+1:

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If you want to go in that direction, then how can you confidently say so? One has to inspect every single line of code to be sure.

No, it does not. is an assumption.

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Let's not forget to RE those BLOBs.

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Yes, yes it is. And wow, thank you for emphatically demonstrating that even with the best intentions one should never ever so much as dip one's toe in a thread like this.


Hey, no harm intended :slight_smile: It was just fun to push someone into a self-dug hole :wink:

But, yeah. These questions generally cannot be answered one way or another. It is all really about trust, just like everything else in life. I do not check every piece of bread I buy: I simply place my implicit trust into every step on its way from a farm to a store shelf...