Can the collectd rrdTool write data to 2 servers together?

Since I’m doing some testing, I want to know if the rrdTool can write on a InfluxDB database on my local network and, at the same, to a Prometheus database (via prometheus-node-exporter-lua) on the same IP (different ports of course)?

Then I need to analyze the queries in Grafana, and the InfluxDB source is working, also the Prometheus DB is recognized and is working but I don’t have any OpenWRT data inside.

I just want to understand how both DB work with the Grafana stats and OpenWRT (but one, the second I’ve enabled, Prometheus, isn’t working :smiley: )


Okay, I reply to myself because I have made an error with the config, now both the services are working (InfluxDB and Prometheus) and I can analyze the data in Grafana.

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