Can the 8Devices Habanero DVK WiFi Router be configured to be a router and an access point using OpenWrt?

I am a noob to networking and I was told that OpenWrt was a solution to the network configuration I wanted. Specifically:

Router with wpa2 or wpa3 encryption, has Vlans and is privacy respecting

Surprisingly not easy to find. I am running a business from home so I would like to separate my networks, one personal which uses wifi and the other for business which will use ethernet. "Privacy respecting" meaning I have control of my data and network and said router manufacturer does not store my data "in the cloud" or something like that.

Been looking for several days online. Any help would be greatly appreciated.”

To be honest your question is a bit confusing. Are you asking if Openwrt is available for

Then you can check the Table of Hardware and that will tell you yes, but only with the latest Snapshot version of Openwrt.

Or are you asking if the features wpa2, wpa3 and VLANS are supported?

BTW: The answer to this is yes. Any OpenWrt router with a switch and radios will give you the ability to segment your traffic as you mention.

Thanks! to clarify what I mean, I am asking if the features of wpa2 or wpa3 and VLANS are supported in hardware for 8devices Habanero DVK? in that all I need to do is configure it using Openwrt and it will work in the configuration as stated in my question.

When browsing other OpenWrt compatible routers what key words should I look for in specifications, in order for the router to have wifi, the desired level of encryption and VLANS?

Thanks for your help.

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As the router you are mention only has very recent Openwrt support and there is no full device page available you currently only can answer your questions by checking the respecitve hardware/chip support here on the forum.

E.g. for VLAN check IPQ4019 VLAN
For Wifi check ath10k wpa3

For your WPA3 topic one of the results in the above search would be Wpa3 support in OpenWrt? - #120 by stm

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