Can‘t find shared folder on WAN device


I‘m a newbie in Openwrt but have medium knowledge in networking.

I build a Firewall with a raspberry pi by using Openwrt and everything works fine (portforwarding, Lan and Wan interfaces…)

My only problem right now is that a machine which is connected on my LAN network (192.168.1.x) can‘t find a shared folder from a pc on my Wan network (192.168.178.x)

I opened up the port 445 in my firewall, to enable SMB but it seems that the machine can‘t find the shared folder.
I tested if the machine finds the shared folder when it is in the same network… and it does…

So it seems to be a routing problem?
On my ISP router I added a default route to 192.168.1.x…

Can anyone help me here?

Thank you

  • Enable masquerading on the router WAN zone.
  • Allow access in the firewall settings on the destination host.
  • Try to access the share by IP address.

Consider to convert the router to a dumb AP to simplify configuration:


Thank you @vgaetera for your help.
The dumb AP is a good idea but then normally I have no firewall at all. Or can you still run a firewall with a dumb AP?

A dumb access point usually delegates the firewall role to the main router.
In that case, you are supposed to trust firewall on the ISP router.

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