Can someone please teach me/help me with creating a .ipk from custom drivers?

Would very much appreciate if someone could compile a .ipk from

Latest version is r8152.53.56-2.13.0

The current "kmod-usb-net-rtl8152" is not working with my 2.5GbE USB-ethernet adapter with rtl8156b chipset, and i believe the source drivers works.

I got help from @mj82 compiling drivers for 19.07.3, a month or two ago, i now am planning to update to 19.07.4 and i also have new usb-ethernet device with rtl8156B, and am experiencing connection drops with the current drivers, so i would love a .ipk with r8152.53.56-2.13.0 if anyone could help.

Thanks guys and girls

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Sorry and thank you @lleachii.

Or maybe if someone could teach me/help me how to do it, it noone wants to do the work for me, understandably

what makes you think an alternate driver will address the 'connection drops' stress testing at 2.36Gbit over long periods?

does it work ok when you are not stress testing it?

the requisite skills required to mess around with the buildroot / kconfig / Makefiles are not really conveyable in any single answer... but by all means... 'dive in the deep end' so to speak... play around with the buildroot, checkout 19.04 head... narrow down the areas / files / errors and come back with specific questions...

i'm not really seeing the need to go through that effort based on what you have working right now... especially knowing that short-medium term, someone else will likely perform all the requisite work...

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You are probably correct, i just wanted to learn how to compile a .ipk if the need arrives, and i dont know that it will solve the connectiondrops, no.
But 8156B was developed for a reason im thinking.