Can someone make a build for orange pi zero 3?

Since they discovered they get away with it :slight_smile:

Zero 3 will most probably get support, it's just not there yet.

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the wireless kernel module drivers seem to error out when marked to get compiled in menuconfig

Armbian implemented a patch to fix 1.5 GB RAM detection on Orange Pi Zero 3 with mainline U-Boot (2024.01). It contains the dsb(); fix as well. Probably @iuncuim was even involved?

Works well here:

  • Boots on the variants with 1.5 GB and 2 GB RAM (the two I have)
  • RAM size is correctly allocated for kernel/userspace as well
  • Since it is mainline U-Boot, the Ethernet adapter remains usable after soft/warm reboot. With Orange Pi's U-Boot sources, it was not reset/re-init correctly on reboot, but a power cycle was required.

We host a package, if someone wants to test without doing an own build:

cd /tmp
dpkg -i linux-u-boot-orangepizero3-current.deb
rm linux-u-boot-orangepizero3-current.deb
source /usr/lib/u-boot/
# To show progress, and in case errors, as Armbian's flash script mutes this, which I find counter-productive:
eval "$(declare -f write_uboot_platform | sed -e 's| > /dev/null 2>&1||g' -e 's|status=none|status=progress|g')"
# Assuming SD card to be the boot device, as it cannot be anything else on this SBC. $DIR is set by
write_uboot_platform "$DIR" /dev/mmcblk0

Thanks for the update. I have not been involved in any development for the last month. I am not involved in any development in armbian. This patch may have come from a discussion on the mailing list where jernej explained how the checkout is done.
Opizero3 has already been added to the openwrt mainline. Cotributors might want to add this patch too.

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There is any way to use wifi with the current snapshoot image? or it is completely disabled. I heard that the wifi chip used in this board has really bad drivers.

There is no support at all for CDW-20U5622-00, neither in the mainline kernel, nor in OpenWrt - and chances for that to change are minimal at best (at least it would require quite a bit of development on your side, to get it into mainline).