Can someone help me set up my rpi4 as a wireguard server on openwrt

lets just do uci commands, thanks lol

or whatever is easiest

wait is the list allowed ips related to what i should put as the interface address, or should interface address be like you said?

For this, you may find it easier to use the web interface...

  • Network > Interfaces > VPN [edit button]
    • IP addresses --> click the x next to the IPv6 address
    • Peers tab > edit your peer
      • Allowed IPs --> click the x next to the IPv6 address

on the OpenWrt device, the allowed IPs should be On the remote peer (i.e. your phone), it doesn't matter if it is a /24 or /32 designation, but the address must be

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ok everything is working rn thank you so much, quick question though i need to set up individual peers per device connected correct?

Yes you can add more peers with additional wireguard_vpn blocks. Each peer needs:

  • a unique IP like, etc.
  • It's own unique encryption key pair. Best security practice is to generate keys on the client and copy only the public key to the server.
  • The same preshared key can be used for multiple clients, or they can be different.

rebooted the router and im guessing some part of the setup didnt persist as wireguard didnt like it

what specifically didn't persist?

Can you post your latest config (network and firewall files)?

oh lol i mightve figured it out, my ip isnt static so it changed after the reboot most likely causing all of these problems

that was indeed the problem actually that makes a lot of sense

thank god for ddns, also thanks for the help man much appreciated

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