Can someone help in removing stock chinese OpenWrt? (Yuncore XD4200)

I actually bought chinese brand yuncore access point. I wanted to install them in bridge mode so I can relay the signal henceforth extend my wifi network. in the process I discover that I can't do it because of the firmware, I now contacted the manufacturer who tells me that those feature are not available whereas openwrt tells me it is possible. So I decided to remove their stock openwrt and installed a true openwrt. On the process I discover that they did desactivate the SSH access to prevent people from getting ride of the useless software. So I decided to post in the forum to see if someone could help me

See if you can install the firmware using a bootloader

Which one exactly?

They even prevent to update their software trough Luci: each time we try we got the following message uncompatible image file whereas it is what they themselves have listed as firmware under their brand. Today I decided to go the extra mile to get ride of their firmware because:

  • they are unwilling to provide support and

  • I have bought a lot of them.

03 major configurations we were unable to achieve with their products:

  1. remote access (they told us we should buy their controller)

  2. Power over ethernet passtrough ( for this I need SSH access they told me SSH access is disable)

  3. Bridge mode (we can't download relayd and it protocols, option disable in lucy)

I mean why do they tell people on alibaba that their devices come with openWrt whereas it is not openwrt leaving newbies frustrated when they want to try openWrt. I think community should remove or notified users of non-compliant manufacturers so that it will guide in the process of selecting products to buy when someone want to discover openWRT

Yuncore XD4200

Problem is most users buy the product 1st, discover the fw sucks, then start to look into alternative FWs.

And I'd say most manufacturers are non-compliant.

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And that is why we as a community needs to come and stop it. Most of us are techies on this platform and we are the consumers of these products so if we take actions against not being compliants they will stop

Good luck with that - most routers use Openwrt or LEDE as the platform for their OSes.
Problem isn't that they use open source, problem is they don't give back, as they're supposed to.

Yet only a fraction of all the consumers buying these devices.

Don't get me wrong, I'd love to do it, but I don't think it's very realistic.