Can OpenWrt Route

Hi, Jeff:

  1. Appreciate very much for the quick response. However, your recommendation seems to be too advanced for a beginner like us. What we need to get our feet wet is some simple guidance for the dummies.

  2. The RAN that I described is basically a virgin IPv4 environment that is isolated from the current Internet sophistication, public or private, because it is previously unused since the 240/4 block was "Reserved" dated back to 1981-09. With the size of Tokyo Metro that each RAN can serve, a RAN can pretty much stand alone, and everything in it can be built from scratch. No CG-NAT or such to be concerned with. Just think a RAN is a common private network on a residential premises, but it is huge.

  3. To illustrate the limited knowledge that we have, we found that 240/4 is listed along with common private network blocks, 10/8, 172.16/12 and 192.168/16 among quite a few others in tables on discussion threads such as the following:

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NAT leakage on TL-WR1043ND v4

Our intuitive reaction is that these imply that 240/4 are routable just like the three private networks as inherent OpenWrt capabilities. Is this correct? If so, would this mean any OpenWrt supported hardware is capable of handling this 240/4 block, so that all we need to do is to specify 240/4 as the beginning address for the DHCP server configuration in such RGs?

  1. If not all OpenWrt supported hardware can do so, how could we find out which ones may be able to?

What we need is something as dumb as the above for the time being, so that we can begin to demonstrate the EzIP architecture.

Thanks in advance,

Abe (2018-10-01 15:53)