Can OpenWrt cope with AP and and Client configs on same AC Radio

I have been trying different configurations on OpenWrt and come across an error.

I can connect the AC Wireless as a Client to a Hotspot, then use the Wireless N to connect to the router and get my internet access.

However, it is not always reliable, so I thought I would try these three configs

  1. Wireless AC as Client with Wireless N as Access Point
  2. Wireless N as Client with Wireless AC as Access Point
  3. Wireless AC as Client with Wireless AC also as Access Point

So to be clear, the Client connects to the Hotspot and I connect to the Access Point.

Config 1 & 2 above both work, subject to environmental conditions.

However when I try config 3 it seems to stop the Client connecting and also displays some weird stuff

First of all I get this

I was connected to the router via Radio0 AC Wireless so it was Active, also if both radios were disabled as it says they are in the picture within blue box on the left how come both buttons within the blue box on right say disable, they should say enable.

Or if buttons on right say disable how can you disable something that has already been disabled!

Then when I do disable I get enable button on right

What is most important is that when I enable both the client does not make connection to the hotspot.

So is it that I either have to use one wifi radio for client and another for AP config or use a second AC router or am I missing something?

Did you ever figure this out? Running into it myself.

Huh. Immediately after I say that, I found the solution. Gotta set the Master network to = the channel of the client network. Auto won't do it.

Sort of, it seems to be related to the order of the config of the wireless.

I found that some options prefer to be after or before others, I do not have them to hand but I will update post soon.

The easiest way to understand it is to get WinSCP if you are a windows user and use it instead of putty, it makes it far easier to edit files.