Can OpenWrt be installed on tp-link tl-wr940n v6 router

Hey everyone
i have tp-link tl-wr940n v6 router can i flash it with open wrt

Yes. But beware, it's an extremely limited device, caveats apply.


would you know any other software that would be better i know dd wrt wont work.
i need it as wireless access point

No. Personally, I'd never, ever use anything else besides OpenWrt.

Actually, that's a perfectly reasonable use case for that device, but don't expect to be able to use a web-based interface (LuCI) to configure it.

How would I set it up then as I need to put open wrt on to make it a access point by the way thanks everyone for replying :+1:

The stock firmware can act as an access point.

Set a static LAN IP address suitable for your network and disable the DHCP server. Plug one of the LAN ports into your LAN. Do not use the WAN port, it's a good idea to put tape over it.

That's the hard part, you need to read the documentation to learn how to do it. If you have a (very, very) specific issue/difficulty, you can ask here in the forum, but it's unreasonable to expect people to guide you through the whole process.

That's a very rude reply of course I can do it
I have already done it last night I hope your day is a lot better than it already is :+1:

Does this help?

  1. TL-WR940N v6 OpenWrt 18.06.7 downloads
    For first OpenWrt installation, chose the correct factory image (br, us, eu, or without country) for your version of the WR940N.
  2. TL-WR940N v6 Installation instructions

cheers thanks but as i said i got it done. i will keep this in mind for next time thanks again :slight_smile:

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