Can not SSH to WAN on 4G LTE router

As in the title.

I can ssh to the router vie LAN but I cant SSH and even ping from outside.

Any idea?

By default, the firewall prevents ssh access from the outside, you will have to change its configuration to allow it (not a good idea). That said, most mobile carriers don't provide you with a globally routable IP address, but employ NAT with private (rfc1918) addresses instead - in this case you can't access your device from the outside at all.

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With such carriers you will see that your WAN IP is 10.x.x.x or 192.168.x.x this is a private IP so you will not be able to reach it from the Internet. The carrier blocks incoming connections.


hmm I did all firewall configuration and I cant see any reason why this is not working. So I suspect SIM provider must be blocking it. My IP is 172.34.8.x

That's also a private IP (Class B).

So, is there any way to have a remote access to 4G Lte router?

what about setting up a cron job to ssh to me from the router?


$ ipcalc
Address space:	Internet
Address class:	Class B

Oh right, my bad. The private ends at (well,

So in this case it should in theory be reachable!


Which doesn't mean that your carrier isn't filtering ports willy-nilly, which is common as well.

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But then different port can hopefully help