Can not remove WolfSSL with imagebuilder

I'm trying to build an image for an ath79 target based on 21.02-SNAPSHOT using only OpenSSL.

I need to use OpenVPN, so I'm using the openvpn-openssl package. In order not to use the OpenSSL and WolfSSL libraries at the same time, I'm also selecting luci-ssl-openssl and wpad-openssl and I'm replacing libustream-wolfssl with libustream-openssl.

When building the image, libwolfssl keeps being added by the imagebuilder, even though there's not a single package having a dependency on it.

Interestingly, when doing the same for an mt7621 target, this doesn't happen and libwolfssl is not added.

How can I make sure libwolfssl is not added when building an ath79 image? Additional question, will there ever be an OpenVPN package using WolfSSL?

grep wolfssl /usr/lib/opkg/info/*.control | grep Depends
grep wolfssl build_dir/*/root-*/usr/lib/opkg/info/*.control | grep Depends


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This set me on the right path! This returns:

/usr/lib/opkg/info/libcurl4.control:Depends: libc, libwolfssl24, ca-bundle

So the WolfSSL dependency indeed lies with curl, which itself is a dependency of travelmate. That also explains why it isn't happening on the mt7621 target, because I don't use travelmate in that image.

Now the question is, is there a way to have curl depend on OpenSSL instead of WolfSSL?

Just change dependency for libcurl - deselect libwolfssl and select openssl.

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Building from source is a bit above my level of skill... Would there be a way to include a pre-compiled version of curl to work with OpenSSL? I can't image I'm the only one facing this issue...

Your use case is already a step ahead of those just issuing the vanilla images. The buildbots just churn out default images and packages. If those don't suit you and the image builder doesn't cater to your specific use case either, then all that's left is compiling (which really isn't as daunting nowadays with the likes of WSL2 being available etc.).