Can not connect via ethernet

Hi guys,
I bought a Skylab SKW71 flashed with OpenWRT 15.05 with the default settings together with a breakout board and no matter what I do, I can not connect via ethernet. Serial connection and WiFi works fine though. I am trying to connect from my Mac using a static ip, but in the network settings the ethernet connection is greyed out and says there is no connection available or the device does not respond. May this be a physical problem or some kind of misconfiguration? I really do not know how to debug this kind of problem :frowning:

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Since this information is hard to find: How much flash and RAM does the SKW71 have?
It doesn't seem to be officially supported by OpenWrt, therefore I'm wondering where the 15.05 support comes from.

please post your /etc/config/network

Why are you using an static IP? Are you sure the parameters you used are compatible with those on the router?

The question about just what build of OpenWrt-based firmware you're using is a good one.

Strange that the settings on the Macintosh are grayed out. That suggests that the Ethernet isn't working on the Mac. Even with no cable attached, I see


If that's what you're seeing, you probably have one or more of the following problems:

  • The cable is bad
  • The cable is not well seated in the sockets
  • The Ethernet connection in your router is bad
  • The Ethernet connection in your router is not "up"
  • The Ethernet connection in your router is not enabled at all

I bought the device flashed with OpenWRT here:

I contacted the seller and he told me that some kind of breakout board like this is required:

I tried to connect with a cut ethernet cable connected directly to the Tx+, Tx-, Rx+ and Rx- ports on the board. So this seems to be a problem with the physical connection/my missing electronic skills :wink:

This is what I see, yes.

Perhaps you should have provided this info on your first post...

I am sorry. I just did not know that an ethernet jack could/should contain some sort of circuit also...

And you know what you are doing?

Obviously not...