Can not connect to OpenWrt router


I change in Interfaces - LAN Settings to DHCP-client, by misstake.

now i can not connect to the router to change it back....

can anyone helf me out?

You would need a DHCP server. Easiest thing is to use another router (even your ISP router), or if you happened to have a a switch that has DHCP server. (You could try to install a DHCP server on your, but using another router is easier.

Once you have that router running, connect the routers LAN to LAN, and connect your PC to the other router. There is a chance that WiFi clients are isolated on the other router, so using a cable is better.

To find your OpenWrt router's IP you could use an IP scanner, or just start from the DHCP pool. Once you figured out what IP your OpenWrt router is using, you just login and change it. Obviously you should avoid changing it to the same IP as the other router.


You can also use IPv6 link-local addressing. The router should show up in any IPv6-capable device’s neighbor list.


I love ipv6. it just works really well. I've saved myself multiple times using link local addresses.


try to acces via ssh but doest not work and with the IP-adress in the browser do not work as well.

how to deal with IPV6 ?
OpenWrt (

never used ipv6 only ipv4....