Can not change the IP address of the LAN interface

I would like to change the IP LAN interface from to on this manual
getting an error

Configuration has been rolled back!

The device could not be reached within 30 seconds after applying the pending changes, which caused the configuration to be rolled back for safety reasons. If you believe that the configuration changes are correct nonetheless, perform an unchecked configuration apply. Alternatively, you can dismiss this warning and edit changes before attempting to apply again, or revert all pending changes to keep the currently working configuration state.

If confirm the changes, router stop responding
firmware openwrt-18.06.1

You will have to get a new DHCP lease on your computer as well, as you altered the subnet.


I'm having the same issue. I use to GUI to change the LAN IP address from to as it's downstream from my 4G router which has a 1.1 suffix. When I do, it says it's applying the change, counts down from 30, and either fails to refresh the page or it says there was an error and it automatically rolls back the config. Sometimes it counts down and stays there until I power cycle the router, when it's revealed that it has the same 1.1 suffix which I told it to change.

To save time - yes, I know that once I change the suffix to 0.1 I have to refresh my IP. It doesn't refresh to 0.x because the router refuses to apply the change that I request. I also know that for the web interface I have to enter the new IP address, which also doesn't work because it doesn't apply the change. I think I covered the bases, there's either something really obvious I'm missing, or the rollback feature to prevent people from locking themselves out of the router is getting in my way. Any advice would be great, thanks!

Update I feel silly for not having tried this, though it's a bit convoluted. I refreshed my IP in the middle of the 30 second countdown and then entered the new IP for the web interface. Success!

Just hit "Apply Unchecked."

That works too - glad you got it setup!

There is no "Apply Unchecked". I've looked up someone else with this issue and got thoroughly frustrated because that screen never pops up. It says applying changes, then rolling back changes. It never asks me to "Apply Unchecked". I've waited thirty seconds, I've waited ten minutes. It never pops up.

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