Can not cast to my TV via DLNA


  1. I have the main router R7800 with OpenWrt 23.05.2 almost default settings installed. All TVs connected to the main router, wired or WiFi, are available for DLNA casting from my phone, only when the phone is also connected to the main router.

  2. I have another router working as a dumb access point, connected to the main router via cable with DHCP disabled and access point mode chosen. Same TVs above, when connected to that access point, can not be discovered for DLNA casting, although I can see the TVs getting IP addresses from the OpenWrt main router.

  3. When the phone is connected to the access point, I can not discover any DLNA TV ready for casting, even when the TVs are connected to main router.

  4. In summary, the DLNA casting works only on the main router.

  5. Chromecast works good on both, can be discovered and accessed on/from both the router and the access point.

As you can see, I'm describing the issue in a simple way, I don't know much about Networking and my specialty is far from IT world.

Any help is appreciated.

The main router is an R7800 running OpenWrt... what about the dumb AP?

How is the dumb AP connected (lan - lan, or lan - wan)? How is it configured?

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I've been reading on this subject recently because I am working on a wired main router + dumb AP, both OpenWrt, where devices connected to the AP will potentially access USB storage on the main router via DLNA.

DLNA and UPnP clients, and printer or SMB discovery protocols tend to work by using multicast packets. For example PlayStation, Xbox, and TVs use DLNA to detect, communicate with and stream audio/video over the network. By default on bridged interfaces on OpenWrt multicast snooping is turned off.

Could that be some or all of your problem?

Netgear Rax40V2 with the original Netgear firmware.
I tried both connecting methods, LAN-LAN and LAN-WAN, same issue.
Currently, it is set to LAN-LAN, with the Rax40V2 mode configured as AP, which by default disables DHCP and greys out many other advanced options, allowing the router to act as a mere access point.

Since it works without issue when you're connecting to the main router, that suggests that the problem is not related to OpenWrt.

Reach out to Netgear's support to try to understand what their device/firmware might be doing and how to set it such that it doesn't interfere with DLNA services.

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OK so you don't think there is a potential multicast issue as @ahuman added ?
btw, with the same setup, but the Rax40V2 set to router mode, the DLNA works without problems on the Rax40V2.

There could be a multicast issue, but this cannot be fixed by any configurations on the OpenWrt device.


OK thank you