Can my router handle adguardhome & unbound alongside cake sqm?

rn I've a standard openwrt installation on a TP-Link ER605 v2
, with layerd cake sqm, my modem is syncing on 60/20 mbs, & when running the bufferbloat test, my cpu usage is ~38 on one physical core, 30 on another, or 38,38,30,30 considering hyper threading, ram 185 MB free, I'm currently using unbound and pihole for my dns and add blocking on an rpi2 model b,, but was considering just switching to using adblocking and unbound directly on my router, given the resources usage during peak cake sqm, would you say using adgh & unbound on my router would be okay or could it limit it's performance in some way?

CPU usage is deceiving when looking at resource usage of Cake. Cake uses IRQ’s more than raw CPU so be sure you’re monitoring that.

I had Cake running on an MT7621 device with similar speeds at one time and I believe it was able to handle it, barley.

However, I would suggest you look at a lighter adblocking solution. luci-app-adblock with tcpdump-mini gives you a nice adblocker with reporting and works with unbound but w/o all the overhead that Adguard Home requires. If you need the additional features that AGH has, like applying individual rules to specific MAC’s, then AGH might be best left on the Pi. In the end, the only way to know is to try

Device page clearly states CPU is not capable of gigabit nat without offload. Do you have any measurements of cake ever doing better than unrouched defaults?
If 38% is from htop - it is bad, default view does not show remaining 63% consumed in softirq aka qos and nat.
unbound memory is configurable, keep zram-swap for safety pillow while adjusting to fit in ram.

I didn't know luci-app-adblock offered reports and statistcs, which is why I wanted to use AGH since it has similar ones to pihole, but I don't really need anything fancy of it's features besides just blocking and reporting, is the reporting of luci-app-adblock comparable?

the 38% & 30%, are using the luci/admin/statistics/graphs I don't remember the pkg, maybe luci-app-statistics, yes ik my router isn't capable of gigabit without offload, software offload is working and also my connection is only 60/25 mbps, so no where near the limit, I think it should max out with cake at 150 or something

As said you can adjust unbound to fit in spare memory without swapping.

It is written on the checkbox QoS xor flow offload. cpu usage sounds low for described bw.

CPU load is only thermal concern. OOM or swap on USB will damage UX