Can mesh replace wired network?

hi there
i create small wisp company give internet access for public area for this time i have 60 APs ( work with custom openwrt image ) each aps have wired connect they work perfectly , now i have new area but i cant use wired with it so i decide use mesh with it , in past i play with meshing network 802.11s and ( WDS ) .
its work fine but small problem come with it i get high latency with aps and very high ping about ( 40 ms - 80 ms ) .

NOTE : with mesh testing i use unifi ac mesh and i use radio0 (5ghz) for mesh and radio1 (2.4ghz) for client access

my Q what is best way to use mesh with openwrt to replace wired network and why i get high latency and high ping when i use it ?

You can carry mesh on both the wired and wireless, actually (using OLSR).

You provide no information needed to even fathom a guess.

  • Distance
  • Which band
  • etc.

about distance between each aps 50m - 75m
for meshing network i use 5 ghz with VHT 80
for client access i use 2.4 ghz with HT40
total client should connect to it is about 40 client on all device
total aps should used in area 10 device
each client should get from 4 Mb up and 4 Mb down to 8 Mb up and 8 Mb down
i wish this information help

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Putting SQM at every AP to limit what goes into the mesh would likely help.

Consider setting up the backhaul more smartly as groups of APs using different 5GHz channels instead of a free for all on one channel that is a mesh. Anywhere you can use wired instead of radio, even though it can't be the whole network, still use wired as much as you can.

The user side should be 20 MHz so you have 3 or 4 usable independent channels instead of one.

The UniFi "mesh" is actually a network of hidden WDS links.


Could you explain that about the UniFI "mesh"? How do you know that?

some Q
if i use 802.s meshing network and i have 3 aps work with wired from this i have over 8 other aps connect to thats 3 aps meshing

my Q if all the 3 aps (with wired connection ) have same mesh_id is it fine or i get looping with them .
thank you for your time