Can Lede work on a Trendnet TEW-827DRU v1.0 hw

Hello. About a year ago I bought this modem. It was more than I'd typically spend for a home router, but I wanted some good hw specs and some solid reliability. I had a Belkin that kept dropping the wifi connection.

Turns out, this one isn't much better, and it seems to be getting worse. I ran a test with some python code, and the wifi connection was dropping 30% of the time. Wired connections are up 98%, and from the switch this router is plugged into, it's up 100% of the time. So the issue seems to be with this router.

Version 1 hw isn't supported by Trendnet anymore, and I don't see this device listed in supported devices. If I need to buy a new router, I'd like to get one that supports Lede, but can I install Lede on this one? I find a TEW-823DRU, and I think the hw is similar. Should that work? I'd appreciate any guidance.


It should already be supported

Thanks robimarko. Maybe it is supported, but what firmware do I install? Not what version, but what binary? It isn't indicated in the "supported hardware" page

Hm,it actually looks like it was never merged.
Which is weird considering that patch only had some minor style issues.

You could give it a try and build lede with patch applied

Hi, I have the same router TEW-827DRU V.1.0

What is interesting is in the comments of the newegg product page, someone said they installed LEDE and it improves the router by leaps and bounds. Yet, I can't seem to find the firmware for it. Is there anything that exists or works with my router? Thank you!

Not to my knowledge.

No mention of TEW-827DRU in the commits for ipq806x:

Thanks for the response! What is this?

Can I use this? If so, which file would I flash?

It might be possible to flash it, but judging from age and version number, it lacks pretty important security fixes (among others, KRACK, dnsmasq, ...) and most likely won't allow installing further packages (differing kernel ABIs). The necessary patches have never been cleaned up properly and haven't been merged into LEDE, while it shouldn't be too difficult to polish them up, no one is working on it - so there won't be LEDE upgrades for 17.01.5, nor 18.xx, nor master snapshots.

In late 2016/ early 2017 I was considering to buy that device myself and despite its unsupported state was quite confident to be able to go the last mile (porting to non-legacy) and get it supported in LEDE, but ended up buying a different/ newer device instead (due to its newer wlan cards and because it wasn't really more expensive). If you are familiar with Linux/ LEDE and GNU Makefiles/ building stuff from source, you might be able to get it fixed up (and merged) as well - if not, it would most likely be a dead end (known security issues, incompatible ABIs, no upgrades).

Gah ....I have no clue. I bought it because some of the reviews and I got a great deal on a refurb, my Pacee AT&T router doesn't seem to want to keep up with all my devices. Haven't received it yet, but I was hoping a new firmware upgrade would make me happy with it. I guess I will just load their most recent which was in January and see how it goes! Which device did you end up getting? And thanks for the time!

Hi, I'm the guy who wrote the patches to support the TEW-827DRU mentioned above.

I used to have a post with updates and info on the old OpenWRT forum, but it seems to have died a month or two ago due to negligence, so I can't update it anymore.

You can see an archive of that post here:

Most of the information there is current as of now. The known issues are all the same. My router has been working great all of this time.

I know that the USB3 flash drive issue is still a problem because I tested it when I updated a week or two ago. Wifi LEDs also appear to still not work and I don't know if there was ever anyone who did any work on the driver to fix that.

There is an updated version of firmware from TRENDnet including an updated bootloader that I need to test, but my work probably supports it and this device has a bootloader-based recovery method, so it's pretty safe to try, even if it fails.

I publish files here:

I just did patch set v8 a week or two ago to support LEDE 17.01.5, but I didn't publish a build for it. I guess I can do that and I'll go upload the files when it's done.

OpenWrt 18.06 was just published a few days ago and I have not yet looked into it yet, but it can't be far off from LEDE 17.01.5. The v8 patch set might work as-is given how recent it is. I'll give it a try and publish a build for OpenWrt 18.06 if possible.


Well, I was wrong about OpenWrt 18.06 being close to LEDE 17.01.5. There are a bunch of changes that I will need to account for. I'll work on it later in the week and publish some images whenever it's done. I already published images for LEDE 17.01.5.


I finished porting to OpenWrt 18.06, but I didn't bother with a release since it was obvious that there would soon be a follow-up release, given how buggy 18.06 was.

OpenWrt 18.06.1 came out on Friday and I'll go look at it here some time soon and then maybe do a build on that, but I don't want to bother with releasing something that's too unstable to use. If I'm not going to install and use it on my own router, then it's probably not good enough to release.

I have been working on getting OpenWRT 18.06.1 working on the tew827dru in the last few days.

There seems to be a problem where the AR8337 network switch isn't working. The ea8500 had a similar problem (commit c52cd4d8c3ab1fd0db8806a5e37158e7022c1c40), but I don't think the fix is the same here.

Other than networking being broken, the new system boots up okay.

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I created a new forum thread to document my work on this device, including links to current builds, install instructions, and more info:

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