Can Install Comfast CF-AC101 to OpenWRT?

i have Comfast CF-AC 101 Gateway Router.

Chipset MT7621A . i need OpenWRT File for it..any one can help?

all currently supported devices from Comfast:

dear frollic
as a manufacture , it can install OpeWRT

What @frollic was showing is that the official OpenWrt project does not support that device.

awesome, ask them how.

didn't say it couldn't run openwrt, I said it wasn't supported.

apples and bananas.

they could not give OpenWRT file.but they send me to [how to flash guide]

well, that's pretty useless, flashing's probably the easiest part.

dear frollic,
you mean MT7621A not supported to OpenWRT?

no, your device isn't, MT7621A is -

what's the point of those screen shots ?

since you bothered posting the 1st one, I assume you also read the replies ?

dear ,as the spec , it has MT7621A Chip .

so what ?

no one's questioning the SoC used.