Can I using netgear partition of 7500v2?

Hello , I've installed lede on 7500v2 , but found it have only 20MB space left , not enough for me to install needed software. mtd7 is netgear ubi partition , and it has
cert,pot.bak,traffic_meter,traffic_meter.bak,dongle volumes
and a
overlay_volume 55 MB volume
does these partition needed for LEDE only setup ? or they're just kept to makes netgear firmware revert easy ? can I re-use mtd7 space, or just overlay_volume space inside it ?

Thanks for advise

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Thanks for the link, that's what exactly I want to find . and I suggest to improve the hardware wiki page
7500v2 has 512MB memory , instead of 256MB .
13 LEDS power,internet,2.4G,5G, usb1,usb2, sata, lan1~4 , wifi, wps
3 buttons reset, wifi, wps
4 Detachable Antennas


Dear ,is wifi 5GHZ available on r7500v2 lede?

According to wikidevi, the Netgear R7500v2 uses QCA9980 for both wlan radios, in contrast to the Quantenna radio in v1 this should be supported.

thanks ,I will try to test it

hi @jack338c , my wifi works ,both 2.4G and 5G

thanks bubdy

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