Can I use the Archer C50 V4 (EU) firmware in my Archer C50 V4 (BR)?

Hello everyone

I'm thinking in installing the snapshot of openwrt into a archer c50 v4 (BR) version, but everything I find here in forums is related to the (EU) version.

Are they compatible or should I avoid installing openwrt?


Hi, any success to use C50 V4 (EU) firmware in C50 V4 (BR) ?

I downloaded latest firmware from TPlink EU and Brazil websites and performed a binary comparison of the .BIN file. They are identical.

Archer C50(BR)_V4_190125

Archer C50(EU)_V4_190125

As the OEM firmware is identical for both EU and BR versions, it 'suggests' the hardware is probably identical, and so the openwrt files should work for BR version too.

Thanks for the analysis! Unfortunately I don't have it with me right now to try it, I'll try to install it as soon as possible

@reinerotto If you manage to install let me know! thanks!

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