Can i use my router as a smarter firewall

I'm new to OpenWrt, I want to install some add-on that help me to setup firewall that is capable of

IP based rules
Allow/Deny web traffic to a specific website a specific time period
Allow/Deny words in search query like google
List of website permanently blocked

I also want to know which is the best free software based firewall.

This is tricky, since it requires traffic analysis, traffic that is https encrypted.

You'd need to setup a proxy to be able to do it, and clients configured accordingly.

That can be done by the adblock package.

Define best.

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Define best

I wanted to say as an alternate is there some free software for PC to use as network security firewall?

Pfsense, opnsense, openwrt, any Linux dist.


Can i also use these on Windows 10 OS if it can be only used on Linux what os can be used?

The 1st three are all stand alones.

Windows and secure(ity) shouldn't be used in the same sentence.

got it,
what Linux OS would you recommend to get start on this?

For building a software firewall?

One of the options listed. Openwrt is the most straightforward.

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What he said, all Linux dists have a firewall, just pick the one you like the most.

None of them will however solve your initial musts out of the box.

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It reads more like the OP is looking for content filtering.

There are commercial products with those features and pi-hole can be modified to do time based filtering.

@OP, if your environment is all Microsoft PCs then their Free family safety product does everything you're asking for. I use it to limit particular web pages, games, etc based on time limits across both my kids pcs.

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Indeed, but he (also) wants to intercept search terms sent do the search engines,
no DNS in the world can help you stop those. You need to be able to read the
content of the https traffic to achieve it.

Unless you make it client (browser) based filter.

If this wasn't a must, AdguardHome would probably be good enough.